„Morphogenetic Fields – Communication Network“

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I was informed that the re-activation of stargates would play a role in the coming changes.

This is an elegant description of the morphogenetic fields which are responsible for the immaterial presence of all life in this collective realm of Earth.

Morphogenetic Fields – Communication Network

Morphogenetic Fields are not simply electromagnetic fields that allow conscious energy to retain a form or shape. All life forms, from the smallest to the largest, have morphogenetic fields as part of their multi-dimensional anatomy. Morphogenetic fields also allow for a “collective consciousness” which allows for a “collective communication network”. For example, all of the trees on planet Earth are in constant communication with each other. That truth alone should give you a clue as to why the trees would rather not communicate with the people of Earth.

Each species of life forms on Earth are part of their collective morphogenetic field; the people…

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