The Archon Invasion of 1996, Timeline Hopping and Collapse Of Previous Timelines

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The Electronic Assimilation of A Proximal Parallel Earth

In the timeline that myself and other operatives have experienced, the Archon Invasion of 1996 spread and continued to spread until all electronic systems were assimilated into a hive mind computer system that used scalar radiation to influence the minds of all sentient creatures in this local-environment.

This invasion spread until ultimately all forms of life on the planet were reduced to a cyborg binary consciousness component of a hive-mind organism.

Transportation of the Human Race to A Parallel Earth

To avoid this catastrophe the entire human race was transported to the current timeline that we are on. However, those with access to genetic memories can access the previous timeline and observe the events that took place prior to our arrival here.

The Collapse of The Artificial Invasion Timeline

This was the collapse of society and then consciousness and thus time itself…

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